Release Note - February 2023


We’re excited to announce the beta release of a design overhaul to the Campaigns feature! All of the screens for viewing your campaigns; creating, editing, and configuring campaigns; and viewing performance metrics of campaigns received an upgraded design. The new campaign screens serve as a foundation on which we're building improvements to campaigns. The following two updates released along with the new design are just two of the improvements on our roadmap.

Sonar SMS Analyzer

The SMS Analyzer is a handy tool to help the author of a campaign write message copy that is optimized for deliverability* and customer engagement**.

The first generation of the Sonar SMS Analyzer uses keyword detection to point out when your message copy contains one or more keywords that we've found (over millions upon millions of messages sent) are likely to cause a message to be blocked by carriers as suspected SPAM. Here are some images of the SMS Analyzer in action.

We'd love to hear if you find the Sonar SMS Analyzer helpful. Share your feedback by clicking the thumbs-up or thumbs-down.


Just beneath the message entry box, on the right, the SMS Analyzer is green, and "Good" indicates that this message passes tests for known SPAM keywords. Clicking on the SMS Analyzer result will open a small modal with additional tips.


This image shows the SMS Analyzer in red with a "Warning" message, indicating keywords were detected which increases the likelihood of the message being blocked as SPAM—the modal highlights which keywords were detected.

* Deliverability refers to the likelihood that a message will be delivered to the destination mobile phone rather than being blocked by mobile carriers as suspected SPAM or for some other reason. See Deliverability Error Codes for some additional reasons a message could fail to deliver.

** Customer engagement refers to any action that a customer (i.e. recipient of a message) might take as a result of receiving a message. Actions include responding to the message, clicking a link in the message, or actions outside of a messaging conversation such as placing a call to your business.

Audience Filter Groups

Customer Properties are key-value pair attributes that you can add to your customer records to capture information about your customers. These properties are key pieces of data when it comes to building a campaign and prescribing who should receive a campaign message. Until now, you could filter the recipients of a campaign using multiple properties using an AND operator or an OR operator; but not both.

The new campaigns experience introduces the ability to combine both AND and OR operators so that you can ensure you're targeting only the customers that should receive a campaign and/or that are most likely to engage.


This example shows how a user can now use one campaign to target active leads in two different territories. In the past, a user would've had to create a separate campaign for each target territory while excluding other territories and inactive leads.

You can find the new campaigns page in the Sonar dashboard menu.


The new campaigns page is labeled as "(Beta)" and indicated by a green "NEW" badge.

Customer Import

Importing customers into Sonar is an important step for many Sonar users. We introduced a few updates to make the import process better!

In February we released some improvements that ensure the import history loads quickly; especially for our partners with a lot of historical imports.


Unfortunately, imports can sometimes fail. For this reason, we've introduced a 15 MB file size limit for imports. This will ensure that import files process or fail more quickly. Also, we've released some updates in our back end that improve the handling of a few common errors. This is an ongoing effort and we plan to announce more updates on error handling and import processing speed in the future.

Thread Sorting

The Sonar Inbox (aka Thread List) is sorted New to Old by default and can be changed to sort Old to New. Until now, the age of a thread was determined by the date/time of the most recent message received from a customer. In February, we made an update so that sent messages (to the customer) also update the thread age.

This update is a response to feedback from many Sonar users and makes Sonar aligned with standards set by iPhone and Android devices as well as many messaging apps in the market.


Warning Message for Upcoming Page Deprecation

We've rolled out new pages for managing customers and for managing your Away Messages and we are planning to turn off the old pages on May 1st, 2023. In February we added a warning message to the legacy customers page and away messages page to notify users of the upcoming page deprecation and to encourage you to try out the new pages before the old pages are turned off.

Reach out to us if you have any questions!

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