Release Note - September 2023

Message Redaction

Message Redaction is a new feature in Sonar that allows you to permanently remove the content of a message without deleting the entire message record.

This can be useful for businesses in industries like health care or lending and loan servicing, for example, that could receive sensitive information from their customers. Removing sensitive content from messages in your Sonar account is one step you can take to reduce the risks associated with having access to sensitive customer information.

Check out this page that describes message redaction and how to use it in more detail:

CSV Messages Export

The CSV Export is a great tool for extracting messaging data from your Sonar account so that you can use spreadsheets or other BI tools to analyze your messaging data. This month we released a few new updates:

  • Processing updates to drastically increase the speed of exports. Now you'll wait much less time between requesting an export and receiving the exported data via email.
  • We recently added Follow-Up performance data to message exports. In the September 2023 release, we updated the Follow-Up stage numbers in the column header to match with the stage number (aka step number) you see in the Sonar interface.
  • We added a few columns related to messages that have been redacted.


On the Campaigns home screen you can now see two new performance metrics for each of your Campaigns: unsubscribes and click-through-rate (CTR).

This makes it much easier to compare the performance of Campaigns at a glance, without having to drill into 'View Results' for each individual campaign.