Release Note 2017.02.02



  • Added the ability to send campaigns to segment(s) of customers with the same property and different values.


  • Added the timestamp of a message in our Zapier integration for incoming and outgoing messages

Bug Fixes

  • When using the Search bar to look for messages, it will now display all results regardless of which "Filter" you're in. Previously, results would not display when the Filter was set to "Unreplied".
  • Fixed issue where you could only view the last image in a message. Now, you can view all images in a message
  • Previously when creating a long message, you may not have been able to scroll up/down, in the message input box. Now, you should be able to scroll up/down regardless of the length of the message.
  • Fixed issue where an error message appeared when trying to send a message after being away from Sonar for a while. Now, we automatically refresh your page once you go back to Sonar.
  • We've updated the red alert message when trying to send messages to landlines (unable to receive text) to reflect the correct reason for being unable to send.