Automation Rules

Automation Rules are a set of automated tasks, that have 3 components:

  1. Triggers - define what initiates the automation
  2. Filters - define whether this automation applies to everyone or a segment of your customers
  3. Actions - are a set of 1 or more actions that take place in sequence (following the above trigger & filters are met).

Please note that we intend to continue developing more triggers, filters and actions, so make sure you keep an eye on those enhancements.

You can access your automation rules by navigating to the hamburger menu -> tools -> automation rules


Keyword Automation Rules

Keyword automation rules are just one type of Automation Rules. They happen to be our first supported automation rule type.

With this type, you're able to define:

  • A trigger keyword or key phrase (multiple words).
  • An action to send an auto-reply message.

Where any customer who sends you a message with the trigger keyword or key phrase, will automatically receive the message response.

Here's an example keyword automation rule to provide customers with a 10% discount this summer.

We recommend you always add a descriptive name and a detailed description for your automation rules.