Release Note - Mar 2020

A quick overview of enhancements made over the past month.

New Workflows

Unavailable re-assignment

We heard from many managers that their team would mark themselves as away in Sonar while they take a break or eat lunch but if one of those reps assigned conversations responded back, that customer wouldn't get a response until the rep was back from their break. Because of this, we created a new workflow that would unassign any thread where a received message came in when someone was marked as away.

When Agent X assigned to Team A closes a thread, Trigger Campaign 1

We found that after a specific transaction or use for some teams within Sonar they want to trigger a CSAT score OR other campaigns. The things that determine when to trigger a Campaign are: If a user is assigned to a specific Team.

Enhance Agent Capacity

Historically, re-assignment of threads manually via the UI did not correctly get applied to the agent capacity routing. We've updated this so that if a rep re-assigns a thread to a coworker, it will remove capacity from the coworker and show that there is capacity for the original rep.

Enhance Filters

We updated our Filters to be alphabetical. This applies to any All column filters on Assignment OR Teams.

General Bugs

Re-Assigning reps to Unsubscribed contacts.

There was a small condition where when a customer was unsubscribed it would remain assigned to an existing agent. We fixed this issue and now in all cases when a customer unsubscribes it gets unassigned from any reps.

Bots re-assigning after completion of the conversation

There were a few small edge cases where a chatbot would unassign itself from a thread and then re-assign itself. We have since fixed this edge case.

Tag Search Reset

For a while, there has been a painful bug whereas you were searching for a tag if any new message came in, your search would reset to nothing. We have since fixed that so your search now is not interrupted by any other actions going on in Sonar.