Release Note - May 2020

A quick overview of enhancements made in May 2020.

Blocking customers

We now have the ability for our enterprise customers to block various customers within their Sonar instance. Blocking is bidirectional meaning you can no longer send OR receive messages from that customer. Additionally, once a customer is blocked we hide all historical messages sent and received. A banner will appear to allow users to unblock a customer at any time. Our Roles & Permission system also allows admins and operations teams to configure which roles have this access.

Bot enhancements

Historically our bots could add single properties onto a given customer based on what was identified within the conversation. We made a recent enhancement to allow multiple properties to be added based on one response from a customer.

We also enhanced the ability of a bot to update customer attributes in real-time. As a refresher, customer attributes are things like Name, Email, Phone Number, Location, etc. Any other metadata on a customer is considered a Sonar Property.

Scheduled Actions Cleanup

Our scheduled actions impact items like Follow-up sequences and Intelligent compliance. We conducted some basic clean up to improve the usability of canceling and notifying a user of a specific scheduled action already assigned to a customer.