Informing Customers

Now that you have Sonar set up, it's time to inform your customers that they can send text messages to your business. Here are a few recommendations on how:

1. Send out an email campaign informing your audience they can text you now.

2. List your new phone number on your website or on social.

3. Post your number in your store, office, or event booth.

4. Implement our Chat Widget

  • This widget can be place on your website so when your customers visit on **desktop** or **tablet**, a customizable chat widget appears in the bottom right-hand corner where customers can text, interact, or ask questions.

5. Implement our Ping Widget.

  • This widget can be easily placed on your website so when your customers visit on their **mobile device**, a button will appear on the bottom that says "click here to text us."
  • When your customers click the button, their SMS (text message) app opens up with your number pre-populated.
  • The Ping Widget can be customized to change the verbiage, background, and font colors to match your website/brand as well.