Release Note 2016.12.19



If you're in logged into Sonar, please refresh your page to see the below updates and fixes.


Batch Actions

We've made an easier workflow to close multiple customers at once with our "Batch Actions" feature. Look out for even more functionality over the next few weeks as we'll be building upon this feature.



Export Customers

  • Added "Created At" column in customer exports for the timestamp of when a customer was created in Sonar.

Email Notifications

  • Tweaked email notifications so that you get them more frequently than you did before (we didn't send an email notification if the same customer messaged you twice in a span of 10 minutes, now that's 5 minutes).

Bug Fixes

Ping Widget

  • Fixed previous issue where the Ping Widget did not display on mobile sites.


  • Resolved API campaign issue where UID/slug that was less than 6 characters was not sending. Now, UID/slug with less than 6 characters are working properly.