Release Note 2016.08.15



If you're in logged into Sonar, please refresh your page to see the new features below.


Vacation Status

  • Sometimes agents are away and unable to respond to customers.
  • Agents can now set their availability status in Sonar, by going to their "My Account" page.
  • Account admins can also set the availability status of their team members by going to the "Team Members" page.
  • Away team member avatars will have animated "zzz's" coming out of them.
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Bulk Customer Actions

  • Sometimes team members are away on vacation and you need to reassign all their messages.
  • Admins can now "Close All" customers or "Re-assign All" customers for a specific agent by going to "Team Members" from the Menu Bar.

Link Shortening

  • Long links take up a lot of space, so we built a way for you to be able to shorten them! As gravy on top, it'll allow us to track link clicks for you!
  • Go to "Company Settings" to now turn on link shortening for Mass Messages and Campaigns, and separately, API messages.
  • For more info, go to our Link Shortening page.



  • The status of a campaign now shows, "delivered...via campaign" in the Sonar message panel, when previously this displayed "delivered...via API".

Coming Soon


  • Updated emojis coming soon!