Release Note - July 2021

A quick overview of enhancements made in July 2021.

New Message Tag Modal

We are continuing to work on a consistent design pattern across our application. To help improve those efforts we have released a newly designed Message Tag modal.

New Canned Response Selection List

In our input, it was sometimes confusing and challenging to know exactly what Canned Response you were selecting. We updated the design to make it easier to read and know exactly what canned response you were selecting while composing a message.

Enhance Customer Counts

We are always looking to improve the speed in which counts are processed in the application. We have been enhancing and improving our queries around customer counts for various segmentation and other actions.

Update hidden modal

As we go through the application and make some changes to the UI, we have introduced some new bugs where certain modals will not be showing as the top layer of the UI. We have fixed one including the ability to create new teams, new users, and new roles.

New Input

We are continuing to work on a consistent design pattern across our application. We want to build in more unique features into the input like notes, scheduled texts, making calls, etc. The original input didn't allow us to continue to iterate and expand outside of just composing a text message. This new Input will allow us to expand the use of the input to take and do more things.

New Team Endpoints

We have received some feedback about being able to programmatically do more with Sonar Teams and customers. We have opened up 3 new endpoints (GET, POST, & DELETE). the Post allows you to assign a customer to a team, the delete allows you to remove a customer from a team. and the get allows you get an array of all teams a customer is assigned to

New Follow-up experience

Historically when a follow-up was scheduled to go out if a thread was closed...the follow-up message would Open the thread back up and then send the message. We received feedback that this hindered teams flows so we have changed the experience to send a message but keep the thread as closed until the contact responds or a user/API opens the thread.