Release Note 2017.04.07


Zendesk Integration

We just released our Zendesk integration so tickets can automatically be created in Zendesk from incoming messages to your Sonar number. No need for additional logins or upgrades to your current Zendesk plan. Manage all of your messages and chats in one dashboard.


With our Zendesk integration, you'll be able to:

  • Turn your text messages and chats into tickets within your Zendesk Support account
  • Increase efficiency by having all conversations take place within a ticket without the need to open another app or use another login
  • Gather insights specifically on text/chat communication channels
  • Send mass messages to your customers with A/B testing capabilities

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a previous issue where incoming messages would not appear in the message panel if on the same thread. Now, all incoming messages will appear in the message panel when on the same thread.
  • Incoming messages would not appear on top of the "Mine" panel, unless you refreshed the page or moved panels. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a previous issue with our Zapier integration where you may not have been able to assign a customer. Now, you can assign customers to a team member via Zapier integration.