Release Note - Sept 2021

A quick overview of enhancements made in Sept 2021.

Blocking/Unblocking contact conversation fixes

We had some minor changes needed to our Blocking and Unblocking actions within the Customer Edit modal. We added a new Role Permission to provide the ability to block or unblock a customer. We also fixed an issue where a few scenarios the contact wouldn't actually remain blocked.

Follow-up scheduling inconsistency

We had a few UI issues where some of the styled elements would get in the way of users scheduling or canceling follow-up sequences on certain screen sizes. We have resolved those items

New Customer Edit Modal

We are continuing to work on a consistent design pattern across our application. To help improve those efforts we have released a newly designed Customer Edit modal


New Edit Customer Modal

New Account Creation Endpoint

We have created a new ability for our partners to provision new Sonar Accounts via API. These new APIs require an Organization token to complete. If you do not have tokens or want to learn more send an email to [email protected] for more information.

New Invite User Endpoint

We created a new endpoint to provide the ability to create new users in a Sonar Account via API. Making this API request triggers an email invite from Sonar where that user can then create a username and password and be dropped into the new account they are invited to

New Get User Endpoint

We created a new endpoint to allow you the ability to get all users within a Sonar Account. This will allow you to see each user, when they were invited, and if they have accepted their invitation all via an API request.

New Create Role Endpoint

We created a new endpoint that allows you to create a new custom role with permissions via API. This should allow any partner of Sonar a full suite of APIs to create an account, various roles, and invite users all programmatically vs manually.