Release Note - March 2023

Campaigns (beta)

In February we announced the beta release of a design overhaul to the Campaigns feature. In March we made several updates to improve performance and to act on the feedback we heard from many of our beta users.

Performance Improvements

Users of the Campaigns (beta) page will have noticed that the page loads much faster after the updates we made in March. This is especially true if your account has dozens or hundreds of campaigns.

Experience Updates

  • By popular demand, we removed the requirement for a campaign to have a minimum of 2 message variants. You can now create a campaign with a single message variant; which makes campaign creation and launch easier and quicker.
  • Many Sonar users create campaigns that are intended to be triggered by an integration rather than sending a message to many recipients at once. Users of the Campaigns (beta) page found it difficult to create campaigns for API/integration use. We introduce a setting so that a campaign creator can flag when a campaign is for API use and proceed without selecting recipients.

Reminder: the legacy campaign pages will be deprecated in May 2023.

Customer Import

Importing customers into Sonar is an important step for many Sonar users. We introduced a few updates in February and continued making updates in March.

In March we fixed a few bugs to ensure that if an import fails for some reason, the failed status is properly displayed on the customer imports page and that the user is notified via email. Both the email and customer imports page display a failure reason so that you can correct the error and rerun the import.