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Looking to embed Sonar into your team's tool set? Sonar allows you to iFrame all of the Sonar experience into any of your current tools. Seamlessly communicate via Sonar across messaging channels inside your CRM or tech stack! No longer will you have to bounce around from one tool to another to conduct your business needs. The plug-in is an extension of Sonar placed conveniently alongside or within your technology channels. Sonar's iFrame comes in two variations. First, you can iFrame the Sonar experience for a single phone number thread. Second, you can iFrame the entire Sonar experience into your tool of choice.

IFrame Options: Single thread OR entire Sonar Interface

IFrame Options: Single thread OR entire Sonar Interface


APIs primarily drive the iFrame experience. See the bottom of this document to learn more about the various Sonar iFrame APIs that are available.

Salesforce iFrame

It simultaneously syncs your contact’s number, conversation history, and properties directly into both Salesforce and Sonar. You get all the functionality of Sonar’s text messaging platform and tagging capabilities straight into your main sales or marketing tool.


In-app screenshot of iFrame

The implementation process is easy. Simply add the iFrame Plug-in to any of your technology softwares or sales tools, and click the number associated with that contact to populate your chat history and various information archived from Sonar.

Salesforce iFrame Resolution Sizes

Here are the recommended and usable resolution size ranges when using iFrame


  • Width: 350 - 675px
  • Height: 760 - 850px


  • Width: 275 - 800px
  • Height: 680px - any

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