Release Note - June 2021

A quick overview of enhancements made in June 2021.

Renaming inbox columns

Our dashboard on the left-hand side has 3 prominent inboxes: New, Mine, All. These terms were very confusing to our partners and needed a lot of explanation. We have since renamed them: Unassigned, Assigned to Me, All.

Limiting exports

We have limited our message exports to 100,000 records in a single export. Historically we would export an unlimited amount of data which would carry a significant load in some situations on the system.

Enhance the Workflow engine

Within our system we have an workflow engine that functions very similarly to If This Than That or Zapier. We have added about a few triggers, filters, and actions.

  • Filter: customer_has_property_name_and_value
  • Action: assign_to_team

Team Members Pages

We have had a new page for how you create teams, invite users, and manage roles & permissions for a few months. We have now consolidated those pages and moved them to the newly designed pages for all subscription plans.

Capacity routing update

We have some intelligent routing features/functionality for larger teams. We have updated our Capacity Routing feature to be a true round-robin assignment of new threads to users who have capacity to take on open threads.

New Canned Response Modal

We are continuing to work on a consistent design pattern across our application. To help improve those efforts we have released a newly designed Canned Response modal. This modal can be found via Main Menu > Tools > Canned Response