CSV Export

In sonar, you can export your customer information and all of your messages. Please see below for details on what the export includes. The data in the CSV export is in PST time.


Log In First

This information is only accessible to admins for a given company. Make sure you're logged into Sonar before trying to access any of the data below.

The CSV Export can be found by going to the Menu bar, clicking the **Tools** tab, choosing **Export**, then selecting Messages or Customers.

Customer Export

The following information is included in a Customers Export:

  • Created_at - when the customer was first created in Sonar
  • Customer_phone_number
  • First_name
  • Last_name
  • Email
  • Subscribed - True or False
  • Last_active_at - the last time the customer sent a message to you
  • Any properties that you added
  • Double Opt-In

Messages Export

The following information is included in a Messages Export:

  • User_email
  • Text
  • Direction - sent or received
  • To_phone_number - your customer's phone number
  • From_phone_number - your Sonar number
  • Media_url
  • Away_message - True or False
  • Type - SMS or MMS message