Release Note - Apr 2020

A quick overview of enhancements made in April 2020.

Intelligent Timezone Compliance

We initially rolled this out to just a few partners for beta testing. However, we are excited that it is now live to all enterprise partners. To help your team become more compliant, we are introducing a new feature to help protect yourself with TCPA laws and regulations. We allow you to queue messages for the following morning and select the type of messages that should be queued. This is our second standalone feature to help you and your teams remain compliant. Version 2 is coming soon!

Connect SSO And Custom Roles & Permissions

For awhile we have allowed enterprise partners to use SSO solutions like Okta or Active Directory to manage user logins into Sonar. We have also allowed teams to create Custom Roles & Permissions within Sonar to control access for users. We have now made it possible to add people into Sonar directly and assign them to the correct role, rather than needing to make adjustments on a user’s role assignment from within the Sonar interface.

Enhance Campaign Processing

We noticed for some of our partners that were selecting ‘Sending to More’, there were some time delays where it would take a while before you could re-use the same campaign. We have made some enhancements on how we process these requests to allow you to ‘Send to More’…more often.

Enhance Zendesk Integration

We made an enhancement on some of the data being synced between Sonar and Zendesk. There were a few edge cases where multiple threads would collapse onto one Zendesk User. We have reduced that clutter as best we can from within our control on the integration side.