Release Note - July 2020

A quick overview of enhancements made in July 2020.

Individual Agent Away Messages

We released a new feature that builds upon a staple feature of our system. Historically Away messages have only been reserved for the entire Instance. We recently released an update for enterprise customers which allows their user to create Individual Away messages per rep.

Campaign Dispatching enhancement

As carriers continue to change the requirements and spam filters we are constantly making adjustments to ensure the highest deliverability possible. We made some small patches to counter some of the items we are seeing from the carriers.

New Team Member Page

For a while, we have been designing one central page to manage users, teams, and permissions for our enterprise customers. We made our first move towards this combined view. Now there is a new Team Member (Beta) option for enterprise customers to manage all 3 in one location.

Enhance the Message Tag menu

After receiving loads of feedback from our partners we were able to fix a longtime piece of feedback. We made our Message Tag popup wider and taller to allow users to see more of their tags.