Salesforce iFrame Text Plug-In

This integration is an extension of Sonar placed conveniently within your contact pages in Salesforce. It simultaneously syncs your contact’s number, conversation history, and properties directly into both Salesforce and Sonar. You get all the functionality of Sonar’s text messaging platform and tagging capabilities right within your main sales tool.

iFrame In Use





iFrame Setup (Lightning Only)

  1. Search ‘Lightning App Builder’ in Setup
  2. Click ‘Edit’ on the Page you wish to add an iFrame to
  1. From the middle section of the page, find where you want to add the iFrame and select that section
  2. Add a new tab in that section
  3. Make the new tab label Custom and title whatever you wish. We recommend "Sonar SMS"
  4. Drag and drop the Sonar chat into that newly created section
  1. Click on the Sonar Chat section you just dropped into place
  2. Select whether this is using the Sonar Sandbox OR Production Environment
  3. Activate the layout
  4. Save the layout
##Sonar Chat Canvas 1. Navigate to Setup > Apps > App Manager > Sonar Chat Canvas > Manage > Edit Policies 2. Update the OAuth Policies Permitted shown to the right 1600
  1. Select Manage Profiles
  2. Then select all the profiles that need access to the iFrame