Release Note - Nov 2019

A quick overview of enhancements made over the past month.

Custom Roles & Permissions

For our enterprise partners, you can now control access to all of your users at a more granular level. Historically Sonar has had two roles: Admin, Member. Now we have expanded the access controls to all of Sonar's functionality.

Toll-Free Number Support

For all partners, you can now select and use a Toll-Free number. This allows you and your team to have one number where the text traffic at the carrier level goes through business purpose spam filters. For our first partners moving to toll-free, we have seen better delivery rates, increase deliverability with links and other campaign messages. To enable a Toll-Free number, navigate to your Number Setting page and change your US area code preference to 800.

Deliverability Insights

We updated a few items within our system to provide more accurate deliverability insights. We are now able to more accurately state why specific messages fail.

Workflow Enhancements

Capacity Routing

We improved the speed and priority of capacity routing as well as move threads between the various 'New', 'Mine', and 'All' columns in real-time.

We also fixed a recent bug around capacity routing which made the assignment, unassignment, and general functionality fo the feature seem slow.

Salesforce Enhancements

Cancel Follow-Ups

We added an endpoint to our Process Builder endpoints to allow you to remove any automation added to a given contact

Call Forwarding at a Team level

Added the ability to now have call forwarding to any contact assigned to a team. Historically we had Company-wide call forwarding, agent-specific call forwarding, and now we have team-specific call forwarding.