Release Note - Dec 2019

A quick overview of enhancements made over the past month.

Lead Scoring

For the past couple of months, we have been working with a few partners to provide lead scoring abilities. We have since deployed Lead Scoring in an Alpha version with some partners. If you are interested in Lead Scoring and on the Enterprise level. Please reach out and request this functionality in your account.

Contact Property Changes Trigger Actions

We have heard from our partners for a while ask if we had a system that could listen to specific property changes, and trigger either a campaign, follow-up, standard message, or any other action. For the first time, we will be able to do that with our Enterprise partners.

  • Property Change -> Send Campaign
  • Property Change -> Add Follow-Up
  • Property Change -> Cancel Follow-up
  • Property Change -> Send Message

Timezones & ZipCodes

We have recently made Timezones editable in Sonar as well as introduced a new field of Zipcodes on each customer. We have heard multiple times from various partners that sometimes the phone number area code isn't a good indicator of where that person actually lives and what timezone they should be in. Now you can manually update Timezones or provide the Zipcode of a person in your CSV imports, and we will adjust that contacts timezone to be where they are actually located.

Salesforce Enhancement

For those partners who have mapped Opt-In fields from within Salesforce to Sonar, we made an update with most of your Salesforce Admin's as well as some code from within our system to have them more accurately be in sync. If for whatever reason your team continues to notice any delay in updates to Salesforce, feel free to email us so we can look into it.

Count Enhancement

We are working on improving the realtime feel of Sonar. The first step is to make counts as quick as possible. We enhanced the performance of counts for the 'New', 'Mine', and 'All' columns. Another BIG enhancement on counts is that now when you filter, your counts will update with whatever filter you apply.

Custom Roles & Permissions Enhancement

We recently added two new permissions to allow you more customization for all of your various users. We added the ability to remove the 'Customer' option from the main menu list as well as the ability to search for contacts.

General Bug Fixes

Broken links

Import CSV from Property Manager

In Main Menu > Tools > Property Manager > New Property > CSV Import that link was a broken link. We have since fixed that issue and you should now go directly to our importing page.

Tag View

We had a small bug where when you initially opened the tag modal it would show a blank list of tags. We now fixed that so you can see all of your tags.