Release Note 2017.01.19


  • Added a button, in Billing Information, so you can retry your saved credit/debit card if you receive a notification that the payment to Sonar failed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the message thread was not displaying in the middle panel of Sonar.
  • Resolved issue where an error occurred when saving and activate certain old campaigns. Now, you can add new text variants and/or turn off old ones and save & active any campaign.
  • Previously, you may not have been able to edit or delete a customer in the Customers modal, because the window was cut off - this has now been fixed.

Coming Soon

  • Payments - we're creating a feature where you can accept payments over SMS. If interested, please contact us!
  • Routing - we're working on automatic routing of new messages to team members in Sonar
  • Zendesk Integration - our Zendesk integration will let you receive and respond to messages from within Zendesk. We're looking for a few beta users to test, contact us if you'd like to try it out.