Receiving & Sending Messages

On the left column, there are three segments: Unassigned, Assigned to Me, and All.

  • Unassigned - incoming Sonar messages that have not been assigned to an agent or team member
  • Assigned to Me - all Sonar messages assigned to you
  • All - all Sonar messages that are unassigned, assigned to you, or assigned to other team members

Filtering and Sorting Messages

In the New and All sections, you can filter messages based on **Status** and/or **Assignment**.

  • Status
  • Unreplied - messages that haven't been replied to
  • Replied - messages that have already been replied to
  • Closed - messages that have been closed
  • Assignment
  • Anyone - messages that are assigned to any team member
  • No one - messages that are assigned to no team member
  • Team
  • Bots - messages that are assigned to bots
  • Custom Teams - messages assigned to respective teams that your organization has created

Also, you can sort messages from **New to Old** or **Old to New**.


Incoming messages

  • All new messages will be in bold with a red dot to the left side of the thread.
  • Clicking on the message will make it unbolded
  • Replying to the message will remove the red dot
  • **Mark as Replied** will remove the red dot
  • New, unassigned messages will appear in the New panel
  • Assigned messages that are assigned to you will appear in the Mine panel
  • Assigned messages that are not assigned to you will appear in the All panel

Closing vs Deleting Customers

Closing a customer text thread will automatically unassign the customer from a rep/team. The text thread will be removed from your viewing list but the entire conversation will be archived for future reference. You will always be able to reopen your conversation again by filtering customers by Closed.

To close a customer thread:

  • Go to the left column and select the box on the left-side of the text thread
  • Open up the Actions drop-down menu
  • Choose Close

Deleting a customer will remove all their contact information and text conversation history from the Sonar platform.

To delete a customer:

  • Open up the Menu tab and select Customers
  • To the right-side of the Customers pop-up, you'll see an Actions column
  • Click on the X to delete the customer
  • A pop-up will then ask to confirm this action


When incoming messages come through Sonar, you can be notified in 3 ways:

  • Desktop notifications
  • Email notifications (located in the Email Notifications section within the **Settings** tab)
  • Slack

Outgoing messages

To respond or send a message to a customer (must have opt-in), first type your text in the message input box and click Send or hit Enter. In the message, you can include attachments or emojis as well.

Also, you can send Canned Responses to answer common questions or send an intro/welcome message.

To send messages via API, check out our Send Message documentation.

Using Property Values as Templates (Macros)

You can add property values (macros) to messages by starting the property with a {{ then the property name, and then close it with }}.


Dear {{first_name}}
will render to something like
Dear Joseph in the actual text message.

There are cases when a customer may not have a property's value. In this case, you can add a general alternative:
Would you like us to wash your {{car_name|chariot}} on Monday?
will render to
Would you like us to wash your chariot on Monday?

If the customer does not have car_name defined. If the car_name property is set to "CLK500", then the text will be:
Would you like us to wash your CLK500 on Monday?


Property Macros

Property values (macros) can also be used in Campaigns as well.