Release Note - August 2023


The Sonar app (beta) for Hubspot

We're super excited to announce the release of the new Sonar app for Hubspot (currently in beta)!

The Sonar app for Hubspot is a powerful new tool that allows you to automate key steps in your process leveraging Hubspot Workflows to trigger a variety of Sonar actions.

Check out our docs page here for full details. You can enable the Sonar app for Hubspot from your Sonar account; find the Hubspot integration under the Integrations sub-menu.


Sonar SMS Analyzer

In February we released the Sonar SMS Analyzer which can help you craft effective and deliverable messages for your Campaigns. The August release brings an update that helps remind Campaign message authors to include opt-out language in the message (an important best practice for providing a good experience to your customers and for reducing the risk of carrier filtering). The SMS Analyzer will also warn you if your SMS message is over 160 characters which can give you an opportunity to edit your message content and avoid increasing your messaging cost.

Bug fixes

We patched a few bugs related to campaign performance metrics and the segment counts that display as you type a message variant. We also made a couple updates to shared drafts.