Link Shortening

With Sonar, you have the ability to shorten URLs that are included in the body of text messages sent by a Campaign, Follow-Up, or by API.

Shortening URLs has two key benefits:

  1. A shorter URL adds fewer characters to your messages. This can reduce messaging cost by reducing the number of segments included in each message you send.
  2. Using Sonar's link shortening enables Sonar to track which Customers click on your links so that you can measure the performance of your messaging Campaigns and Follow-Ups.

We often need to send URLs in a text message, but links can be long and cut into character limits for each message.

To turn on the Link Shortening feature, click on the Menu bar, navigate to the Settings tab, then click on Company Settings. In the URL Shortening Settings section, you can turn link shortening for Campaigns and Follow-Ups, and API Messages on or off.

The shortened domain name is