Release Note - April 2023

API endpoint to retrieve a Conversation

We’re excited to announce the release of a new API endpoint to retrieve a Conversation!

Many Sonar partners need to capture messaging data in other tools in their tech stack. For example, Sonar partners often want to record sms/text messaging history alongside phone calls, emails, and meeting events in the activity timeline of Contact records in their CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

Using the new GET Conversation endpoint, developers can now retrieve a group of messages exchanged between your team and a customer; as well as some information about the customer.

You can find the API documentation for GET Conversation by ID here.

Subscribe to Sonar webhooks to receive the conversation IDs that you can pass into a GET Conversation request.

Also, we've added conversation ID to two more webhook events: customer_state_changed and tag_added_to_message. You can use these webhook events as a trigger to retrieve a conversation after a customer is closed or immediately after an agent applies a tag to a message.

Find webhook documentation here

Campaigns updates

With the beta period for the new campaigns pages coming to a close at the end of April, we continued to work throughout April on the feedback from beta users.

Huge thanks to beta users!

Here are a few updates released during the month of April:

  • Addition of the message templates; by popular demand. Message templates provide a way to speed up campaign creation and provide a way for sales and marketing leaders to provide messaging content to their teams.
  • Several bug fixes
  • Message variants that have become 'active' are no longer editable. This is important to prevent errors when saving a campaign and, more importantly, to ensure variant performance can be compared.
  • When attaching an image to a message variant, you can now see the file size of the attached image. This gives users a chance to consider if their image is a good size to send*.

* There are a variety of MMS attachment size restrictions enforced by mobile network operators and other telecommunication companies involved in transmitting messages from your messaging app (Sonar) to your customer's handset. We generally recommend using MMS attachments 500 KB or smaller when sending from a Toll-Free phone number or 1 MB or smaller when sending from a local phone number.

Customer Import

In April we continued to work on improving the processing of customer imports. After releases in April customer imports are even faster to process and are less likely to encounter an error.