Release Note - June 2023


Property Filtering

Choosing which customers to send a campaign to is an important step in creating and launching your campaigns. In June we released a few more updates to ensure that creating an audience by filtering based on customer properties is a smooth process.

Saving campaign changes

Sometimes when you’re working on a campaign you need to take a break to respond to a customer or do some other task. By navigating away from the campaign editor you might have accidentally discarded any unsaved work on your campaign.

We introduced a new warning message to prompt you to save (or discard) changes to ensure you don’t accidentally lose your work in progress.

Using the old Campaigns page

We found that some teams were using both the old and the new Campaigns editors. This was causing an issue where campaigns could be sent to an audience (defined by customer property filters) that the campaign author did not intend to reach. In June we made an update so if you save an audience from the new Campaigns page, the campaign is no longer visible, editable, or launchable from the old Campaigns page. This ensures that any campaign you send moving forward will reach the intended audience.



The old Campaigns page is no longer maintained. We strongly suggest using the new Campaigns page.

Desktop notifications

Sonar desktop notifications can alert you with a visible banner and/or an audible sound when customers send you messages or when one of your team members assigns a customer to you. Desktop notifications are handled through a combination of your browser and device operating system settings.

We’ve heard that the desktop notification options were difficult to understand; users said they weren’t sure what notifications to expect given any combination of settings. We re-labeled notification settings so that they’re more self-explanatory.

You can enable desktop notifications from the ‘My Account’ settings page

Customer import

If you’ve been reading our release notes for the past few months then you know we like to make little improvements to improve processing of customer imports! In June we made a couple more updates in an ongoing effort to make customer imports process quickly.