Deliverability Error Codes

Error Types

  1. Provider Detected Client Errors
  2. Carrier Reported Client Errors
  3. Provider Service Failures
  4. Carrier Reported Service Failures
  5. Carrier Errors with Ambiguous Cause

Provider Detected Client Errors
A 4xxx code indicates that provider or the downstream carrier has identified some element of the message request unacceptable. Repeating the request will produce the same result.

4001, 30008Message was rejected for reasons other than those covered by other 4xxx codes
30003Unreachable destination handset (Device is roaming, turned off, or out of credits)
4121, 4470, 30004Rejected as SPAM
4410Could not download media
4411Combined size of media too large
4420, 4421No Route to Destination Carrier
4431Messaging on shortcode forbidden
4432, 30011Messaging to country forbidden
4433Messaging on Toll Free Number Forbidden
4434Messaging to Toll Free Number Forbidden
4435Too Many Recipients
4481From Number in black list
4482To Number in black list
4492Message to emergency number forbidden

Carrier Reported Client Errors

4700, 30006Carrier Rejected as Invalid Service Type
4720, 30005Carrier Rejected as Invalid Destination Address
4740Carrier Rejected as Invalid Source Address
4750, 30007Carrier Rejected Message
4751, 30019Message too long for carrier
4770Carrier Rejected as SPAM
4775Carrier Rejected due to user opt out

Provider Service Failures
A 5xxx code indicates that either the provider or the downstream carrier has reported a service failure. For provider failures, the customer can retry the request and expect a different result. For carrier errors, a retry may also yield a different result, however the customer should limit to a single retry attempt.

5100, 5101, 5111, 5112, 5143, 5144, 5146, 5201, 5211, 5220, 5231Application Error
5106Impossible to route / Attempt to deliver through retries has failed.
5500, 5501, 31000General Message Send Failure
5503Service Unavailable

Carrier Reported Service Failures

5600, 30017Carrier Service Unavailable
5610, 5650Carrier Service Failure
5620, 5630Carrier Application Error
5999Unknown error from downstream

Carrier Errors with Ambiguous Cause

9902Timed out waiting for delivery receipt. The reason a delivery receipt was not received is not known
9999Unknown error from downstream. Carrier reported a failure code that is unknown to the provider

10DLC Specific Errors

30022US A2P 10DLC - Rate Limits Exceeded

Your messages to this particular carrier has exceeded the maximum allowable limits for your phone number and/or campaign. * Your message was rejected by the downstream carriers for exceeding the rate limits.
30023US A2P 10DLC - Daily Message Cap Reached

Your messages to this particular carrier has exceeded the maximum allowable messages for the day. You have sent the maximum allowable daily messages for your Brand to the carrier.