Programmatic description of how to use the Sonar iFrame

We offer the ability for our partners the ability to iFrame the central conversational section.

Individual Thread iFrame

The individual thread within Sonar requires a unique URL when iFraming the experience. Include a phone number to make sure we embed the correct thread at the correct location.


Fig: 1 Example of Sonar conversation section.

Sample HTML code for the embedded iFrame

<iframe src="" title="sonar">

Phone number format that are accepted:

Full Sonar Experience

We allow your team to also embed the entire Sonar experience into any tool of your choice


Enabling Full Sonar iFrame

To embed the full Sonar experience it requires some help from our support team. Please contact us at [email protected] to make sure you have the full iFrame enabled for your account

Sample HTML code for the full Sonar experience iFrame

<iframe src="" title="sonar">