Settings Description

new_assigned_messagetrue/falseTriggers webhook when a message comes from an assigned customer
new_unassigned_messagetrue/falseTriggers webhook when a message comes from an unassigned customer
customer_subscribedtrue/falseTriggers webhook when a customer gets subscribed
customer_unsubscribedtrue/falseTriggers webhook when a customer gets unsubscribed
outbound_messagetrue/falseTriggers webhook when a user sends a message to a customer

Example of data that will be passed from a triggered webhook:

  action: 'new_assigned_message', 
  text: 'Hey, can you help me with something on your site?', 
  from_name: 'Sonar Customer', 
  to_name: 'Your_Companys User', 
  link: '', 
  customer { 
    first_name: 'Sonar', 
    last_name: 'Customer', 
    phone_number: '+12345678910' 
  user { 
    first_name: 'Your_Companys', 
    last_name: 'User', 
    email: '[email protected]' 

All customers are subscribed by default. If you unsubscribe a customer, that customer won't get any messages until you subscribe this customer back.