Looking for a way to stay on top of conversations that require follow-ups at a later time? Perhaps you’d like to send out reminders for appointments or paperwork. Or, maybe you're looking for marketing automations to help nurture leads with drip-messaging campaigns. Even if it's a combination of the three, Sonar's got you covered.

The Follow-Ups automation is particularly helpful for taking repetitive, low-value tasks off your hands. They are highly customizable and provide the ability to schedule a single or series of messaging events based on actions or triggers.

Scheduling Follow-Ups

To get started, click on **Schedule Follow-Ups**, located under the Subscribed toggle in Customer Information column. A pop-up window will appear and display the list of available Follow-Ups.


Create New Follow-Ups

To create a new Follow-Up, click Follow-Ups Management, then the blue + symbol. Now you can create a new sequence.


Enter the name of the Follow-Up sequence and the time it will be scheduled to be sent out. Select the desired action, and add the message copy for the follow-up. Add additional actions and steps as needed.

Click the blue **Save Follow-Up** button.

Adding Dynamic Variables to Follow-Ups

You can add Dynamic Variables to your Follow-Ups, which means you can have relevant customer information automatically inserted into the message.

To do this, use the double-bracket syntax, like so: "Hi {{first_name}}, what kind of ice cream do you like?"


Using Dynamic Variables with Team Members

When adding {{team_member_first_name}} to a Follow-Up, it will insert the first name of whichever team member is assigned to the customer. In the event that no team member is assigned, it will default to the first name of the account admin (found in the Account Settings modal)

Using Follow-Ups

Once you've created a Follow-Ups sequence, you can access it by clicking the Schedule Follow-Ups button from the messaging window.

You’re all set!

Attaching Follow-Ups To Campaigns

When scheduling Campaigns, you also have the option to attach automatic Follow-Ups to it.

You can do so while defining the settings of your Campaign. Under Attach Follow-Up, select from the pull-down menu the desired Follow-Up sequence you've created.