Custom Roles & Permissions

Roles-based access control (RBAC) is a standard practice used by various software providers to allow administrators the ability to create, edit, and alter any roles & permissions within the software they use. Sonar is no different.



Custom Roles & Permissions are currently only available for Enterprise partners.

We have a standard set of roles and permissions available to our partners. For more information regarding what is entailed in each RBAC attribute, review our Customer Roles & Permissions terms defined below.

To navigate to our Roles & Permissions page simply click on the Team Member option in the main menu.


From the team member page, select the 'Create Roles & Permissions' option


From there you will see our two default roles and their permissions. To view what permissions they already have by default select the info icon. If you wish to change the Member role or any role feel free to click the edit icon.


When creating a new role, select the plus icon at the top right-hand side of the screen. From there you can give your role a name and select all the permissions associated with that role.

Once you are done creating all of the roles you need you can navigate back to your main Team Members page and adjust each user's role.



If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Custom Roles & Permissions Terms Defined




Manage Roles & Permissions

The ability to manage the role-based access controls of Sonar users in your organization.

Invite Users to Sonar

Invite/add your team members, sales reps, and administrators to use Sonar's platform and collaborate with your team.

Manage Basic Settings

Manage basic account settings consisting of user photo, name, email, phone number, and password. It is here you can toggle on or off to be alerted with inbound Sonar notifications and if the account is currently available to receive communication.

Manage Custom Webhooks

Manage augmenting behavior of a web page or web application with custom callbacks.

Manage Number Settings

Manage your preferred area code and country associated with your Sonar number.

Manage Properties

Manage the characteristics and attributes associated with specific contacts or accounts.

Manage Calendly Integration

Manage the Calendly integration feature, where you can automate the scheduling of meetings or showings.

Manage Tags

Manage the tags you place on specific words, phrases, or actions. You can segment and search by these tags as well.

Access Analytics

Access to view and interact with the analytic features and capabilities.

Manage Facebook Messenger

Gain permission to utilize your company's Facebook Messenger integration.

Ability to Search

Search by contacts, tags, segments, or properties.

Manage Team Members

Manage the role assignment and access of team members.

Manage Billing

With this permission, you gain access to the billing and plan management tab. Check your subscription plan, messaging balance, credit/debit card information, usage, payment history, and SMS rates.

Set Call Forwarding Number

The ability to forward a text conversation into a phone call instantly.

Manage Tokens & Keys

Control and access to private tokens and keys, which grant access to Sonar's API.

Set URL Shortening Settings

Access for URL shortening settings for API messages, as well as mass messages and campaigns.

Manage Slack Integration

Manage the control and settings over the Slack integration.

Manage Away Messages

The ability to schedule and send automated messages when you're out of office, outside of business hours, or unavailable. Messages are sent out based on specified actions or period of time.

Export Customers & Messages

The ability to export contacts and chat conversations out of Sonar.

Manage Timezone

Manage the timezone associated with each contact or account. This is important to utilizing Sonar's Intelligent Timezone Compliance feature.

View All & New Threads

Gain access, visibility, and control of all text conversations from your organization or within your team.

View Customer Management List

Access and control to your organization's customer list and customer management settings.




Edit Name & Email

Permission to edit the name and email of contact.

Edit Time Zone

Permission to add and edit the time zone of a contact.

Create New Properties

The ability to create new properties for a contact.

Delete Properties

The ability to remove properties of a contact.

Manually add to Campaign

The ability to add and edit an API, drip (follow-up), or mass messaging campaign.

Edit Contact Photo

Permission to edit the photo associated with a contact.

Delete Customer

The ability to delete a contact from your customer list.

Edit Phone Number

Permission to edit the phone number associated with a contact.

Edit Zip Code

Permission to edit the zip code of a contact.

Edit Properties

Permission to editing customer properties.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe

This setting entails access to the subscribe and unsubscribe functions (subscribed: granting permission to receive messages).

Manually add to Follow-Up

The ability to add to and edit an existing follow-up campaign.

Manually Add Customer

The ability to manually add a customer in Sonar.




Manually Send Message

Access and permission to manually send a text message through Sonar.

Snooze Thread

Permission to snooze a thread (snooze: re-alerting you after a period of time).

Use Attachments

Permission to send attachments with text messages.

Assign Threads

Access and control over assigning threads to respective agents or reps.

Close Thread

The ability to close and archive a thread.

Use Canned Responses

The ability to use canned responses (prefabricated responses to frequently asked questions or common responses).

Use Emojis

Gain access to use the emoji keyboard.

Add or Remove Tags

Access and permission to add and/or remove message tags.

Canned Response:



Create Canned Response

The ability to create a canned response (canned response: predetermined responses to common inquiries or frequently asked questions).

Delete Canned Response

The ability to delete a canned response.

Edit Canned Response

The ability to edit a canned response.

Share Canned Response

The ability to share a canned response with a team member and send a canned response to a customer.

Follow-Up Strategy:



Create Follow-Up

The ability to create a follow-up campaign to send messages based on specific actions taken by the customer or a defined lapsed period of time (also known as a drip campaign).

Review Follow-Up Results

The ability to review and analyze follow-up campaign results and metrics (located in Analytics tab).

Clone Follow-Up

The ability to duplicate a previous follow-up campaign.




Manage Campaign

Permission to access and manage a messaging campaign.

Edit Campaign

The ability to edit a messaging campaign.

Review Results

Access to review campaign results and metrics.

Create Campaign

Permission to create a campaign. This entails previewing the campaign, defining the campaign setting, selecting the distribution segment/list, and scheduling the campaign.

Delete Campaign

The ability to delete a messaging campaign.

Add more Contacts to Campaign

Access to add additional contacts to an existing campaign.