Away Messages

Away Messages provide companies with the ability to quickly respond to customers after business hours. Since customers using SMS typically expect a quick response, using Away Messages instantly notifies customers that you will follow-up with them once your team is back in the office.



To enable Away Messages for your account, you must have a timezone set. Timezones can be set from the Company Settings page within the **Settings** tab.


To setup Away Messages, navigate to Tools > Away Messages and simply fill out the form with the start and end times for your business hours, as shown below. If there are times where you will be closed the entire day, such as weekends, turn the toggle off for that day.


After that, make sure to write up the actual text for your response and then turn "on" the Away Message.


On / Off

You can turn the Away Message ON and OFF manually as well. While the Away Message is ON, it'll only send replies to customers who send messages after business hours. While the Away Message is OFF, it won't send any replies regardless of what time it is.

This is great if your team is working late one night when Away Messages aren't necessary.




Customers will only receive the Away Message once per hour, no matter how many times they send messages to your company.


Why is my Away Message being sent at the wrong time?
The Away Message tool uses the time zone set in your Company Settings. If this isn't set, your accounts default time zone setting will be "International Date Line West" which is -12 UTC. You can update your company's time zone by navigating to Settings -> Company Settings.