When an incoming message from a new customer comes through Sonar, the customer is unassigned by default. If you reply back, then you will be automatically assigned to that customer.

**Note:** Admins have the ability to assign all customers to a team member(s).

Assign Team Member

To assign a customer to a team member, go the left column and click the person icon associated with the text thread. Then select a team member from the pop-up list.


Batch Assign

Admins can assign all customers to a team member by going to the Menu bar and clicking on **Team Members** tab. Then, under Bulk Customer Actions, select **Reassign All**.


Unassign Team Member

Unassign Agent API Documentation

If you are looking to unassign a team member from a single thread:

1318 744

If you would like to unassign a team member, you can utilize our Batch Actions functions:

  • Check the box next to the message(s) in the left-hand column.
  • In the Actions drop-down, click on Unassign